What is Swinging?

Swinging Is Fun!

Swinging is people having sex with people other than their normal "Life Partner", with their partners knowledge and blessings.

Having sex without your partners knowledge is not swinging, that is cheating.

Swinging Includes (but is not limited to):

  • Partner Swapping - Pure swinging where 2 couples swap partners for a session of fun.
  • Swingers Parties - Where groups of swingers, both couples and singles, meet and swap in many different combinations.
  • Greedy Girls - These are ladies with a high sex drive who enjoy the attention of multiple partners.
  • Threesomes - Where a couple will bring either a single male or single female into their relationship for added fun.
  • Dogging - Car Park Sex, where people meet in various outdoor location for sex with complete strangers.
  • Soft Swinging - Where people will have sex with their own partners while being watched by other people.
  • Swinging Exhibitionists - Couples or sometimes single who like to show off their bodies, or to let people watch while they have sex.
  • Cuckolding - Where a mans partner (called a Hot Wife) will have sex with other men, sometimes at a different location, sometimes making the man watch.

To find out more about swinging and to have all your swinging questions answered pay a visit to the swinging guru.


  • Swingers never pay for or charge for sex
  • Swingers never charge for "Their Time or Travel Expenses"
  • If you are asked to part with money, except as an entry fee to a swingers club, then you are paying a prostitute.
  • If you are invited to a party or event where a girl (or man or couple) are being paid to entertain you with sexual favours, then they are prostitutes.
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